This is totally unrelated to health, but I really need some advice/a mood boost. I'm sitting here at work and I just feel so totally hopeless. I'm 31 years old and for the past 10 years I've worked in the financial industry in compliance. It wasn't a very conscious choice to go into this; I was offered a compliance auditor position out of college and I took it. From there I took a compliance officer job and now 3 jobs later I'm a senior compliance officer for a private wealth manager. I am so bored I could cry. In fact, I do cry at work because I am so incredibly unhappy here. My work performance is not where it once was and it isn't where it should be, but I just can't make myself care about this anymore.

I've been seeing a career counselor. It's sort of helpful; when I'm there I feel really positive that I'm going to figure something out. Then I leave and start looking at job ads and I'm depressed again. What I have learned is that I need a job that has me interacting with people. I am alone at least 95% of the time right now and my only interaction is over the phone/email. I often go weeks without speaking to a single person. I also just really hate sitting at a desk all day. I never realized how unhappy sitting here makes me until recently, but I realized that on my days off I'm never just sitting. I move around doing things all day.

My counselor said to look for jobs in event planning and recruiting. I've done that and the pay in both fields really sucks. I'm making almost six-figures currently and I cannot take a pay cut to $30,000. I just am not in the position to cut my pay by that much. My husband and I recently bought a house and when I'm home I LOVE it. I love to decorate (and I'm good at it) and I guess my house is how I express myself. Unfortunately it's an expensive hobby but I just cannot imagine giving it up because it's one of the things I enjoy most about my life.

I would actually like a job in retail management, I think. I loved working at the chocolate shop when I was in college and at the furniture store post-college. The problem is that I cannot afford to work my way up to manager from cashier right now. I've managed groups of auditors and nonsense like that, but I can't seem to get companies to take me seriously. I'm a smart person and a fast learner. I'm confident I could handle a manager or district manager job, but I don't know how to get employers to see that.

Are there any other possible careers out there for me? I would love interior design but I cannot afford the schooling both time and money-wise. I need to get out of my current job NOW not in 4 years. I've got maybe 3months left before I'm going to be on disability for depression. I'm that unhappy. I just need to feel like there is hope. Right now I feel like I'm going to be stuck in this career forever and my only hope is to play the lottery.