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Thread: Typical reaction to paleo page

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    Typical reaction to paleo

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    Our local TV station is doing a series of stories about various diets. One or two of a group of reporters will "try" a diet for 2-3 weeks and then report back results. So far, the low-sodium DASH diet and vegetarian diets have fared the best. Surprise (not really) - paleo turned out to be really scary. Although the reporter quickly lost weight, she was glad to drop the diet after 3 weeks because it was too strict and she felt too awful. But, the killer wrap-up comment from the nutritionist overseeing the whole experiment was
    "A big challenge with the Paleo is getting enough carbohydrates through fruits and vegetables."


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    My first reaction to this was if she felt awful, she probably wasn't doing it right. Also, if they find getting enough fruits and veggies in to be a challenge, they are definitely not doing it right. Maybe because they were doing Paleo? I haven't actually read that particular "plan," sticking to the PB instead.

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    If I want a Carb load I eat rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits- maybe not strict paleo, but fair game in primal ( including the rice).

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    If there was a nutritionist involved, it's doubtful they were following the paleo protocol correctly. Or if they were, they may have been in serious carb flu.

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    define feeling awful, how does one qualify/quantify awful. who would accept such a subjective description?
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    The mind set and world view of the masses will not allow them to change.

    The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. I saw a 300lb lady in the supermarket looking at low fat yogurt. What does that tell you. Most people cant get their heads around the Primal Way of Eating, because they can't press the delete button regarding the lies they have bought into.
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    Well if they were doing strict paleo, they were doing it right. Basic paleo doesn't include starches the way PB and others who have chosen to add it in does.

    Obviously would be in carb flu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivanthe View Post
    Obviously would be in carb flu.
    I would rather think they had a "refined sugar + wheat flu"

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    carb flu still after 3 weeks though? Obviously we don't know the whole story--we don't know if she was eating enough veggies, or just chowing on meat 24/7.

    I do have to say though, I'm about 5 days into PB and feel like i've gained weight. I'm not weighing myself (per the advice of others) but I "feel" heavier and my clothes are def not looser. I wasn't a carbaholic before, but I did have something like bread-pasta-cereal almost every day...not every meal and not a ton of it. I'm hoping this "weight loss" part shows up soon because right now I'm not feeling great and I feel heavier...not very motivating sadly.

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    A few weeks isn't enough time to figure everything out, unless maybe you have an awesome, well-educated paleo chef making all your food. Most people take quite a while to get everything "down."

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