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Thread: Looking for help battling fatigue during menstrual cycle

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    Looking for help battling fatigue during menstrual cycle

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    Dear Mark, I wonder if you would address how a woman can compensate nutritionally and otherwise due to fatigue and low energy during her menstrual cycle as she's nearing menopause. For me, I can just feel when my cycle is near based on my low energy level. I'm still able to hit the gym or put on my skates for a workout, but my stamina is at its' worst during this time and I'm not ready to just accept this "rock bottom" phase that hits me. Can you provide me any suggestions on how to counter this fatigue that takes over my body, please?

    Btw, paleo for 8 months, rock hard body, thyroid disease treated and tsh levels in a good zone.

    Thanks for any help!

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    How much are you eating in the way of carbs? Does changing that amount help?
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    Are you eating liver, bone broth, oysters, eggs? All of these, especially liver, help me to feel replete and energy stable.

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