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    Black coffee

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    I am a white coffee drinker but want to transition to drinking black coffee and cutting out the dairy - any advice?

    Would it be best to start off weak?


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    Personally I can't get used to black cofee.
    Since I'm dairy free, I mix a tbs of coconut oil and a tsp of pure cocoa powder and cinnamon with my coffe. It's delicious! I use the blender to mix all ingredients.

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    Hey Lucysmommy,

    I once drank my coffee black when I first did Atkins in the 90's but I have since grown to love my cream in it. I also seem to love cream on a heck of a lot of things, and think it's time to ditch it... I don't have an intolerance, but I feel it's possibly not helping in my weight and/or inch loss.

    Maybe coconut milk is one answer?

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    I notice you're uk/jockland. Are we talking instant coffee or real coffee?
    Try to drink real coffee if only pre-ground filter coffee.

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    Really depends on how you respond. I converted to unsweetened black a few decades ago. Can't remember if I went weak - don't think so. IMO, black coffee is awful if weak. Do you sweeten coffee?
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    If it's to give up dairy, there's nothing like a little coconut oil blended into a cup of coffee to give you the mouth feel without the dairy. Half a tablespoon does it for me, but if you can handle the calories, a lot of people put lots more than that in.
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    I can't get enough. It took me a while to get used to it, but I love me some black coffee.
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    I made the switch to black during my second go at Whole 30. Finally came to the realization that I really wasn't enjoying the coffee with coconut milk. So I went black and never looked back. I still like a latte in the afternoon sometimes - something about the hot frothed milk that fills me up for hours. But I use it as a snack/appetite suppressor, not as "coffee".

    I'd say go cold turkey. It will only take a couple of days to get used to it. It tastes more like coffee without the other stuff added. Get good coffee, though, especially to start. Not cheap crap coffee and not instant. And not weak either. Good coffee will hold it's own without anything added.

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    Make it stronger- the flavor is worse when the coffee is weak. Use good quality coffee.* Think about french press or cold press, both of which make it less bitter and more smooth.

    *I like, as their coffee is very good, and their website has "flavor profiles" to help you identify and select coffees you like. I've found I'll like just about anything with a low acidity rating.

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    When I first started drinking black coffee I didn't enjoy it. Try different brands of coffee, grind your own beans... learn to enjoy the taste of coffee. I occasionally add a splash of heavy cream to my coffee, but I really have just acquired a taste for it on its own. Plus, I'm still getting the desired effects

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