As stated in the title, my wife and I jus completed the challenge and are now ready to go primal for life. Te results that I have seen so far are unbelieveable. I was 215 lbs at 5'7" and now am at 192 and dropping. Muscle tone is getting good, the wife likes that! My enery is through the roof! A little about me. I have been in construction most of my adult life. A very physically demanding job that burned off alot of calories. About 5 years ago I moved from field foreman to supervisor. My activity levels were much lower, the stress much higher and my appetite did not change. I went from being a tough and toned foreman to a big bellied supervisor quickly. I actually found the Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson in a pile of discards. I took it home, just out of curiosity. I am glad I did. While we are still learning new recipies and new ways to shop, it has had its challenges. The results speak for themselves though.