Find a Tulum Roommate Here!

If you are registering individually but want to share a room (enjoying a lower PrimalCon ticket cost than a solo room), you can search for a suitable roommate on this thread! In this case, we will take a $100 deposit to reserve your PrimalCon spot while you search for a roommate(s). Once you’ve found a roommate(s), you can each contact us by phone (888-774-6259 or 310-317-4588) and register at the lower per-person cost of a double- or triple-occupancy room. You and your roommate(s) will each be charged (separately) for half of the two-ticket, one room price; or one-third of the three-ticket, one room price. We are confident that all solo registrants who want to match up will be able to, and will work with you to ensure success or refund your deposit if you are not satisfied. Just make sure to have your roommate(s) names, your contact info and credit card number, and room type request handy when you call.

Check out the official event link for more info: PrimalCon Vacation Tulum Mexico 2014 - Primal Blueprint