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    Question Brain Fog

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    So I'm totally loving the results of the No Grain way of living. I like not having to exercise so constantly and for so long. I love not having to count calories, love snacking on nuts and sunflower seed butter. I love how my stomach has reduced back to where it should be, some pounds have come off and I'm no longer having tummy troubles.

    The only carbs I get are from fruits and veggies. I'm rarely hungry and eat until I'm satisfied when I am.

    My problem is that I have brain fog. I can't concentrate, can't make sense of simple stuff. Carbs are brain food and it's fairly obvious to me that I must be doing this wrong if my brain seems to be starving for food.

    Has anyone ever had this? Is there something obvious that I'm missing? I can't see going back to a diet high in grains and starchy carbs....but I can't see carrying on like this either.

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    I'm in the same boat; I actually just posted recently in the Meet and Greet section, the 'I fought the brain fog' post.

    I'm eating right, but I can definitely improve in the exercise area.

    Try to make sure that you have adequate micronutrient intake. This can be the B-Vitamins (B12 in particular is meant to be great) or just a general deficiency in particular. A high-quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, combined with a fish-oil supplement for adequate omega 3, should help.

    I'm sorry that I can't be more specific, but I'm in the exact same situation. I'll help as much as I can!

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    I'm no stranger to brain fog (but more from endocrine issues). I find the herb rhodiola rosea to be extremely helpful for brain fog/concentration.
    It's been extensively studied in Russia and found to increase resistance to stress, energy and endurance (both mental and physical), is a good cardiovascular tonic, antioxidant and great for high altitude problems. Some people also find it effective as an antidepressant.

    You can take between 100-400 mg at a time. I take about 200 mg. as needed. I've read that lower doses are more stimulating and higher ones are more relaxing. I can't comment on that- I would just play around to find what feels right for you and I wouldn't take it in the evening, since it could make you feel too alert to fall asleep.

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    How long have you been following the Primal plan?

    On any low carb plan, it's normal to have the "low carb flu" for the first few days (up to 2 weeks if you're really unlucky). One of the symptoms is brain fog. This happens because your body is switching over from carbs to other energy sources: basically your body goes "There has to be some more sugar around here somewhere!" for a while before it gives up & flips the switch to burning fat.

    If that's what it is, you just have to ride it out.

    If it's been more than a week or two though, I got nothing. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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