Hello all. I am a 36 year old overweight male who has struggled with weight loss for most of my life. I started this style of living about three weeks ago and have already experienced some success. I even made it through a week long vacation away where most meals were eating out.

Here is where I started:
6'1" 240lb.
My 38" waist pants were tight on me.

Currently I am 233 lb. and the same pants are either loose or fit comfortably.

The exercise is the biggest hurdle for me as I typically don't find it overly enjoyable. It is usually tough for me to view it as anything more than a chore. But I am open to finding more outlets for exercise and "play" that I enjoy. Also hoping to find what sorts of foods will provide me with the energy necessary to want to get up and work out.

Looking forward to learning from everybody here.