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Thread: i need some new snack ideas

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    a bannana with almond butter on it. its IMPOSSIBLE to mess up. and is so good. lol

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    I prefer not to snack. It's not necessary once your blood sugar is stable. Sometimes I enjoy a snack just for enjoyment's sake with a cup of tea, though. As I have some digestive issues, I'm finding that not snacking, and regular IFs are benefitting my digestive system. I've yet to look into it but it seems logical to me to rest it.

    Macadamia nuts are my total fave - primal, reasonable w3 ratio, crunchy and satisfying. A piece of cheese after a meal seems to wipe out the urge for dessert. And a teaspoon of almond butter mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil = bliss.

    Other than that, what about baking a batch of chicken legs or some good quality sausages (I got some 100% organic lamb ones today) and munching on them cold - or any cold meats for that matter. Slice and freeze some roast beef? Meat travels okay in an insulated bag w/ ice brick for short times. Bacon strips (+salsa if you eat tomatoes)

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    Sardines. All the way.
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    Actually, after I posted my snack ideas. one thing I have noticed is that the only time I really feel snackish is in the morning, between breakfast and lunch--I would say around 9 am. But in the afternoon, not so much, and rarely, if ever after dinner, because I don't like to sleep on a full stomach. Just some random thoughts.
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