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    Ate at Wendys last night.

    This is just kinda to vent. Found out at work yesterday I may have been exposed to tuberculosis. Should be finding out results of those individuals chest xrays today. Until then I am a nervous-effing-wreck and I didn't give a hoot about what I ate last night, it was purely emotional eating for comfort.

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    I hope the results are good
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    Even if you were exposed, you likely don't have the disease, meaning that the chest x-rays will most likely be clean. A course of prophylactic antibiotics and you'll be fine. I was exposed as a kid but never had the disease. It's no big deal.

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    Just make sure that in addition to the X-rays they do the proper blood culture test. I used to repair the machine that they use for the test, and as a result I learned a good bit about TB. It has a long incubation period so the blood test can go for over 80 days, but most often is 40 days. Hope all is OK!!

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    Good luck, hope everything is ok.
    Who is Wendy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol blackcat View Post
    Good luck, hope everything is ok.
    Who is Wendy?
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    One should be doing the utmost to enhance the immune system if it might be mounting a challenge to a tough bug. Eating garbage should be the opposite course of action, no?

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    I hope the results are good.

    I agree with iconoclast, I get emotional eating, but now try and build up your immune system.

    Once again, I hope you're okay.

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    I get exposed to TB all the time. I never get it. No big deal, man. Pretty routine in the hospital.

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    I'm another ex-hospital employee who tested positive on the yearly TB tests. I was under surveillance for a bit, but--more than a decade later, I'm here and, due to a different health situation I have to have more than one chest x-ray a year, and they've all turned out beautifully. It's a bummer to get the message, truly, but you're in a healthy lifestyle and doing what you can to stay healthy.

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