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Thread: I'm working out too much, not by choice, how should I eat? page 2

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    You can't have blueberries and nuts together on the Gracie diet, bro. That's group A & group C.

    Kidding, btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    You can't have blueberries and nuts together on the Gracie diet, bro. That's group A & group C.

    Kidding, btw

    Lol! I've never actually looked at it. food combining lol
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    I'll tell you what:
    A few days ago, around 1pm, I had a 30mn sprint session around my work place (s/w dev, office work). I do this fasted. I had a good bike ride from home to work in the morning prior to the sprints after a good cup of black coffee. I was on "jet fuel" that day, full of glycogen. 30mn sprints depleted a lot of it. Then I biked back home full blast with the little glyco remaining in my legs. But then, I thought about experimenting: I had a high fat, high protein but very low carb meal (I eat only once a day or narrow time window of 2-3 hours). The day after, I biked to work at a snail pace ... I tried to speed up but my muscles were dictating my mind at that point: no way man, take it easy. I was running on fat at that point and bingo, my weight was down. But during the following evening, I had potatoes mixed up with white rice (yeah!), bone broth and shirataki noodles, plus a couple of bananas, some berries, and a couple of fat duck legs. I must have had some piece of cheese, yogurt and whatnot - I don't fully remember but I was full. The day after that, I was on jet fuel again

    With your intense training, I would really up my carbs because you seem to have a very glycogen demanding workout ...

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