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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    am not buying popsicle molds so guess i will go ghetto with ice cube trays, lol.
    Lol..yeah that will totally work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnyard View Post
    OK, so I am getting more primal all the time, both nutritionally and fitness, but I have a weakness that I haven't overcome cream! My '20' of the 80/20 philosophy is often comprised of ice cream and cream. Now, I know all the reasons why I shouldn't eat it.....mainly high sugar/hfcs/high carb period! content....but the fact is, I am occasionally gonna eat it....believe me, I have cut WAY back in the last 3 months. My there ice cream out there that is healthier than the average ice cream that anyone is aware of? Maybe no HFCS? No sugar added usually has sugar alcohols, which give me serious about made with coconut milk? But the ones I have found so far still have a lot of sugar.......probably no getting around that. Thoughts?
    Ice cream is obviously going to have sugar, but Hagen Dazz(sp) is probably the best commercial Ice cream out there, because it has only 5 ingredients and no gums or vegetable oils - Egg yolks, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla pod - that's it. The quality or source of milk cannot be accounted for however, so make your own using these ingredients.

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    Haagen-Dazs just came out with a new product they label "gelato" which just replaces cream with more skim milk and compensates by adding pectin. In other words, just a cheaper ingredient version of their regular ice cream but sold for the exact same price! Breyer's used to be the gold standard in natural ingredient ice cream, but they got bought out a few years ago by Good Humor and now their ice cream is the cheapest, most disgusting on the market. Deceptively, they have kept the same exact packaging and worse, they still charge the same amount as they did when they used real ingredients! So you are getting ice cream that is literally lower in quality than even the store brand generic brand but still paying the premium pricing.

    Soy Delicious makes a coconut milk ice cream. Whole Foods sells that and another brand of coconut milk ice cream too, in addition to some natural ingredient ice creams. Haagen-Dazs regular ice cream is probably the best you will do in a mainstream supermarket. Florida's main Supermarket Chain, Publix, offers an organic vanilla ice cream that is pretty decent though it does use thickening gums (but organic ones!, lol).

    But the best option is to make your own stuff at home. Here are my two favorite recipes of mine:

    Dark Chocolate Bacon Maple Ice Cream
    Paleo Chunky Monkey

    If you are cool with dairy, replace the coconut milk with cream.
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    I made this FRIGGIN' DELICIOUS "ice cream" treat with pea protein. Not 100% Primal... As I added some "natural" flavors - whatever the heck that means... But it's still tasty and a great alternative to those of you who do not eat fruit (like myself) or whey or casein protein!

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    The problem with store-bought ice cream is that it's totally hit-or-miss whether they taste real (rare) or artificial and adulterated (most common).

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    Quote Originally Posted by byronccma View Post
    if you buy Breyers, a lot of the flavors now feature HFCS and more additives. It used to just be milk, sugar and cream. To be fair, they have removed the "natural" tag on some flavors
    Actually, they've even removed the "ice cream" label on most of their flavors. That's right- what used to be the most natural mass produced ice cream on the market is now so unnatural and adulterated that they aren't even legally allowed to refer to it as ice cream anymore! "Frozen Dairy Desert" is what Breyers calls it now.

    First they shrunk the half gallon down to 56 ounces. Then they shrunk it again to 48 ounces. Then they took out all the cream, sugar, and vanilla and replaced it with gums, whey, HFCS, and "vanilla flavoring". All the while retaining the same price. The fact that this product is still being hawked in every Supermarket in America is a testament to how utterly ignorant and gullible the average American consumer is.
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