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Thread: How do you keep yourself motivated?

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    To find out the motivation ways I ordered an analysis here: Individual personality analysis | Reveal Myself. They told me what I was doing wrong and how I could change it. They answered my additional questions about motivation. Since then I was able to work, stay motivated, and spare enough money to attend college courses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondiegreen View Post
    Wow JoanieL, what a great perspective. I will keep that in mind.
    And I've found some motivation - I'm guessing that my BFF will get married next year, and I don't want to look preggo in her pics!
    Blondie it's interesting that you are getting replies across the spectrum from gotta use discipline to stay motivated, to who needs discipline this way of life is just easier anyway. Wow, people are all different, aren't we?

    About your motivation to not look pregnant at your friend's wedding - that strikes me as somewhat negative. It may well help you get started on this plan, but it won't be enough on it's own to keep you on it. Fortunately for me, eating (and exercising etc) primally feels so good that it becomes a reason in itself to keep going. There are virtually no negatives. I hope you will find the same, in the not-too=distant future.

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