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Thread: Building Muscle Mass Without Weights?

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    Hi AL, i just try the routine you haved post on and wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJA144 View Post
    Hi AL, i just try the routine you haved post on and wow!
    Which one?


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    Thanks for all the supportive comments, everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by Richardmac View Post
    Hey Al

    Love your writing and had a question for you regarding your article. You list eg 3x15 for pressups. After completion if this would you increase reps until you can do 3x25-30 before moving onto the next movement in the progression?

    Also, how many times a week would you do this ideally? Lastly, what are your face pull up progressions?

    Thanks Ak

    There are many ways to approach your training and there aren't always definitive answers to these types of questions. You should get a copy of my latest book, Pushing The Limits!, if you want more specific advice on program design.
    "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they couldn't be more different."

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