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Thread: does anyone else do this???

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    does anyone else do this???

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    I think everyone is unique. The PB blueprint is a guide not Bible. As long as you feel good and don't feel burned out doing your runs I say go for it, just don't forget to throw in a sprint every now and then.

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    I think what you're doing is fine. I think Mark advocates sprinting so much because it gives so much benefit in so short a time. Also, he doesn't want people to fall into the 'more is better' trap regarding chronic cardio. But if it makes you feel good then by all means, do it! I think the distance and speed you are running is fine, especially if it's just a few times a week. As long as you aren't setting a greuling pace and forcing yourself to run longer and more frequently than you really want to, you should be good. You might still want to throw in an occasional seperate sprint just so you can really go all out on those sometimes and reach maximum velocity.

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    Yes, many people do this. What you are doing is called "fartlek training".
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    I think what you are doing is just fine. I am a runner myself - I compete in 5K Runs and will be doing a few 10K's this year. I never run a steady 5K to train. I simply follow the Primal Blueprint Fitness Laws for my training. I love to jog but I always go at a slower pace compared with the actual 5K race.

    I just received my vibrams yesterday and jolked (jogging and walking) 5 miles with a 15 minute break halfway. I was having a blast for the first mile or so and therefore was running pretty fast. The vibrams are simply awesome and feel great on your feet! Talk about freedom!!
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    I got away from running because it had dominated my life for the past couple years with me running for a minimum of 8-10 hours/week. I started running again but for no more then 30 minutes at a time and then I run at an extremely easy pace. As long as you maintain 55%-75% of MHR then you are fine. I do sprint the hills and will do between 5-10 30-60sec sprints on some of my runs.

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    I've been doing something very similar. I changed over to PB (diet-wise) almost a year ago, but kept the running because it was well-suited to my needs and lifestyle, and I had made it a solid habit [without any of the chronic cardio misery - been there done that, never will return].

    I run about 6 km every other day. It's about 35-38 minutes, with a nice big hill in the middle of the route. That always sets me up nicely for the last half of the run, where I will speed up off an on as much as I am comfortable with. Eating the PB way, I had no problem keeping up the running even through winter (worst weather was around 35 F and windy). Now that the temps are nice I feel even more motivated, not burned out. In a previous life (eating the SAD way and doing chronic cardio on a treadmill for an hour 6 days/wk), I would end up hunkering down for the winter, with no motivation to exercise except to reach for the sugar carbs like Reeses cups and more chocolate. It was the same hideous cycle of needing to lose 10-15 lbs come every spring. Sure glad that is ancient history!

    Now that my schedule allows, I am trying to be consistent with including body weight and dumbell exercises. I don't want to make things too complicated. I want to be able to maintain the lifestyle. That's one of the reasons I run... there's nothing to overthink. The random sprinting has made my legs feel more powerful. I can see impovements on the hill and also in my ability to do longer sprints. I see much upper body shape improvements too (I look a lot more like a sprinter than a runner).

    Looks like you've found an exercise sweet spot. As long as it's working for you not against you... enjoy the ride!

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    If you love running, and I mean love as in its joyful for you, I would consider it part of your play equation. As long as its not something that feels forced, go with it!
    I know running is iffy here, but I do consider it fairly primal. For some cultures, running is their walking. Most of the first nation tribes on the plains ran or walked long distances before horses ever arrived, and was still pretty recent for the more north-western tribes. The Masai still run all the time.
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    I did CC and still love to run. I toned down the intensity of my runs a lot after reading PB, and now I enjoy them even more. And, after being primal for a while, i noticed that my new "easy pace" used to be my fast pace pre-primal!!!! I am just stronger all around now.

    I occasionally do sprints inside the run, we used to call them "surges" in CC. Ill spread out, say five 50 meter max efforts throughout the run. Im too lazy to do sprints after a run

    I actually find sprinting-only sessions a bit more stressful than running 5 mile because I just dont like it. I try to do 10-12 sprints, and after 5, all I want to do is quit. I dont know why. Maybe Ill buy a frisbee this weekend so me and the BF can incorporate some sprinting thats not so .....structured. But I do agree that sprinting is better for fat-burning. But my body comp is where I want it now, so I dont feel the need to do sprint sessions every week, especially since I usually dread them :/.

    Also, pre-primal i used to feel completly drained after the run. now i feel calm, energized. Id say thats pretty primal!
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    I love distance running! I also love sprinting!
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