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    Blend them with a couple of bananas, buckwheat flour and vanilla, make pancakes in butter or ghee.

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    Ah yes, banana pancakes are fantastic.

    Good point on maybe I dislike eggs because my body rejects them, but I haven't noticed any ill effects. I'm mostly after them because they're inexpensive protein with lots of nutrients. I typically only eat a meal per day (sleep in, rush to work, never bring lunch, etc), so I put what I can into it. I'll keep an eye (or gut) on it.

    I'll check out primal fuel. Not primarily a shake guy, but some nights I can't be bothered to cook.


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    My issue was psychological, my solution, NLP
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    Just don't eat eggs. I actually love eggs but I cannot eat them anymore (apparently I am allergic? WTF)... So instead, I just eat MEAT!!! Lots and lots of meat.

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