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Thread: Lets talk about shoes.

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    Lets talk about shoes.

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    Personally, that would just be a pair WIDE enough to actually fit my feet, lol!
    I don't know if anyone else have this problem, but since I started going barefoot, the balls of my feet have started to widen not completely unlike a sunfeather. Conventional shoes won't even fit me anymore :P

    What are your shoe problems, your shoe solutions, and your dream shoes? LETS TALK ABOUT SHOES.

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    I don't know where you're located or your gender, but I have a few I'd recommend that may work for you.

    Lems™ Shoes - Barefoot & Ultra-Minimalist Lifestyle Shoes

    Home Page | Soft Star Shoes

    VIVOBAREFOOT | The original barefoot shoe | Barefoot Running | Barefoot Shoes | Home

    Personally, I wear Luna Sandals and Xero Shoes for almost everything except work. For work (office), I wear Vivobarefoot Mary Janes, Softstar RunAmoc Dash, and Lems. I will also wear VFFs for strength work. In winter, I wear Vivobarefoot and Merrell.

    My feet are really wide too after being in minimalist shoes for about three years. The above shoes work great for me.

    I wish I could wear my Xero shoes all year round, but it gets too cold.

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    Ive always had wide feet and i have an aversion to wearing shoes anyways. I spent most my chilhood running around barefoot so shoes feel confining to me.
    I recently got a pair of Xero barefoot shoes and love them. hubby still freaks out though..apperently its not "natural" lol
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    I also have wide feet. If I have to wear shoes, 99% of the time, they are Keenes.
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    I've got very wide feet and have always had wide feet. They're even wider since hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I'm so happy the minimalist footwear thing has happened because before I had a really hard time finding shoes to fit. I have always resorted to just wearing men's shoes 2-4 sizes too big.

    Shoes that fit my feet well these days:

    New Balance 730
    Stem Primal Origin (now called Lem's shoes)
    Keens (sometimes)
    Chaco sandals in the Wide version (I have to search for these and I can't wear regular)
    Something like these that I made myself: Sedona [SED] - $80.00 : NATIVEARTH
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