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    Wow. So soon? O_O

    Primal Fuel
    After doing a Whole100 from March-May, I've been eating mostly clean since then outside of reintroductions. At the moment, I have some whole organic milk in my cappuccino and that's about it. I've dropped 21 pounds, 18 of those during the first 100 days.

    I started doing the Primal Blueprint moves a month ago. At 50 years old, with probably fifty (more) pounds overweight and being pretty darn out of shape -- and I've never been an athlete to begin with -- I started very slowly but have gotten consistently better every week. I've been amazed at how much stronger I've gotten so fast!

    Yesterday I graduated to Level 2 pushups (knee pushups) and Level 2 planks (forearm planks). I'm still working on my walls squats (up to 33x2) and my two-leg assisted pullups (10x2 -- I could barely do FOURx1 when I started!). I've done two sprints, where I'm also seeing progress. I walk as much as I can, including longer walks of 30-60 minutes each.

    But yesterday, after finishing up, I was poking around my body (am I the only one who does this?) and I was perplexed... what was this fairly solid thing in my sides? I prodded some more -- there was my hip bone (which... wow, I have a hip bone there!), there were my ribs... what the heck was this?



    I have muscle there. On both sides. It's not soft and squishy, it's a boundary that wasn't there before! After only a month, I HAVE MUSCLE. IN MY ABDOMEN.

    Of course, this also means that despite my clothes being about ready to drop off of me, I've only lost a pound in the last two weeks. But you know, I'll take this kind of progress!

    I can't wait until I have to ask work for a size down in my uniform jumpsuit (which I was unable to fit into comfortably in February). That's probably happening before fall.

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    i'm glad you did success with your program
    can you share more detail about it ?

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    WOW!!! Well done.

    I'm also finding I'm getting stronger over a short period of time - only a bit, but a bit is a bit right??!

    Still waiting to find my hip bones though!


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    Wow great work my friend. As you are getting lighter you might need to stop watching the scale and start using the tape measure and mirror. You are now losing fat and gaining muscle.

    Awesome work.

    It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.

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