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Thread: Any one else try the new Paleo Wraps?

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    They just arrived today. Guess what I'm having for dinner? Burritos.

    They hold up remarkably well. There is a little bit of that sweet coconutty taste there but it doesn't get in the way. They would probably be a good crepe substitute as well with fruit/creamy stuff inside.

    GTG. Second burrito is calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    If it's just coconut meat and coconut water how does it hold together? I know if I mixed coconut meat and coconut water together I wouldn't end up with a tortilla.
    Coconut paper?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I just ordered some. I wonder if they fry up crispy. We shall see. Taco party at my house.

    Cool. You eat grain and yet call yourself paleo but then get bent if a perfectly paleo product uses the name "paleo" in it's advertising. Hmmm.

    They should have just called them "coconut wraps". Might have avoided the knicker twisting.
    Quote Originally Posted by jakejoh10 View Post
    Gasp! I eat corn, oh no. Robb Wolf has said on numerous occasions that he sometimes indulges in some corn tortillas. Guess you should get on him too?

    What are you so bent out of shape about? I said I think it's a bit of an oxymoron. Time to relax a bit.
    If we just call them coconut tortillas, does that make everyone happy? This way, all the paleo people know that the tortillas are paleo because they are coconut, we aren't sending out a message that paleo=faileo, and paleo people can have tortillas again without enduring the stigma of eating "faileo" .

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    I've tried lettuce wraps but the lettuce always breaks. I've resorted to Vietnamese rice spring roll wrappers, in the Asian aisle of any decent grocery store:

    They have about 9 g carbs each, so Paleobird (in ketosis) probably can't eat them, but any other Paleo/Primal should be able to fit them into the menu. They hold together very well for how thin they are. (The pic shows a dry wrapper from the package. Soak it for 40 seconds to make it flexible.)
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    If you use two rice wrappers together, there's less chance of it breaking open. Much easier to wrap.
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    I was surprised at how sturdy the coconut wraps are. They are I think 6g carbs each but given that I don't eat much veggies, that is not a lot on any given day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiggles View Post
    I dunno. I'm pretty partial to the new Paleo Snickers bar. I usually wash it down with a Paleo Coke and then go home to pray to my Paleo Healing Crystal.
    Shame shame Shiggles!! Lol

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    I don't know what "Paleo Wraps" are... but if you mean coconut wraps, then YES!!!! I was buying them from another maker (Pure Wraps, or some such...) but I understand they're in some sort of patent dispute at the moment, and the only source I could find was Julian. I made the horrific mistake of also trying some of their bread - never again! But insofar as the coco wraps, they're awesome. At least the ones I was using. The ones I just got from Julian are only coconut meat and water; the others also had Himalayan salt. The previous brand comes in regular or curry. The original are slightly yellowish, or tan... and the Julian version is very white. I'm not sure if this is good or bad!

    The wraps are great, tho. They're very thin - like a wonton wrapper. But they're sturdy, and I've used them for cold wraps and hot ones as well. I've also put a bunch of berries-n-cream in some and they made a delectable dessert wrap. They don't taste coconutty to me, although I can catch a little whiff in the package if I try.

    If you can find any, definitely try them! They're my staple sandwich go-to


    and CiKi90 - yes, I made some Oopsies last week for the first time. They were pretty good... but I have to work on technique a bit. I folded the yolk into the white, which made it fall some. Very flat Oopsies! Still good and useable, though. I read a comment from another person on a recipe site somewhere that s/he uses Whoopie pan tins to make them in. They come out looking exactly like fast-food hamburger buns. I'm going to try that! The variations people list for Oopsies sound great. I'm totally carried away!
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    exotec, if you could find a link to that other brand with the salt and curry flavors, I would really appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    exotec, if you could find a link to that other brand with the salt and curry flavors, I would really appreciate it.
    Paleobird, the brand is Pure Wraps but they are not in production because of some copyright squabble. Pure Wraps are awesome. I haven't tried Julian Bakery.

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