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    How do I know how much to eat to lose weight?

    Primal Fuel
    I understand the way of eating. I just don't know how to figure out how much to eat to lose weight. Help!

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    My recommendation is to start with the lowest intervention possible, give it time to work, and if it doesn't work keep tweaking. Remember, whatever you do to lose weight you are going to have to do to keep it off, so you don't want to make this more complicated than it is. I also suggest writing down what your plan is, and keep updating it.

    So start with the primal blueprint. Give it time to work. Some people want you to give it a very long time- I don't think that is realistic because you will likely quit. Give it a month. Working? If yes, great. You might lose weight JUST by cutting modern foods from your diet- a lot of people do.

    If no, you are going to have to look at what your next intervention will be. It may be cutting high starch things like potatoes and sweet potatoes. You may decide to count calories, though I wouldn't go there till last resort because really, counting calories is not thing you are going to want to have to do. Write down what your tweaked plan is. See if it works over a few weeks.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Remember, almost everyone who loses weight gains it back, so the point is NOT the fastest, the point is ferreting out the lifestyle that will work for you long term- the long term is the WIN.
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    I agree with loafingcactus to a point. However, what I have done is found out what calories I should be on to lose 1lb per week ( Weight Loss Resources - you can do a free trial), then put it what I ate today to see how far off it is. I've planned what main meals I am eating this week and tried out a couple of them. They are all there or thereabouts calorie-wise. So now I can relax about that (control freak that I am) and give the primal thing time to work without stressing if I'm way over eating or not.
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    I would say just keep it simple.

    Losing weight isn't about how much to eat. It's about eating less. The less you eat the more you'll lose. But if you pace yourself, you'll just start where you're at and work your way backwards.

    As I see it, there are generally 3 main tools you have for reducing calories.
    1. As discussed above, eliminate modern foods.
    2. Fast. You can start out with reducing to 2 meals per day. Try skipping until dinner once or twice per week. And if you feel like it, try fasting for up to a few days.
    3. If all else fails, check your calories to see where you can eliminate, reduce, or replace some foods that are adding too many calories. What you are looking for is high volume and low calories. For example, replace starchy and sugary carbs with high volume lower calorie carb sources such as peppers. Temporarily eliminate calorie dense foods such as nuts. And eliminate extra oils from foods such as cheese, olive oil, cooking oil, etc., which are all modern processed foods anyways, (no matter what the irrational low carb cool-aid drinkers say).

    I'd like to reiterate that it really is that simple. Eating the right foods often helps, but it isn't fool proof in all cases. That's where you start to take a peek at calories, if necessary, just to get an idea what's going on and where you can make some changes.

    I'll also add that you can lose weight while eating what ever you want. I've done it. And this is just proof of how eating less when you eat and/or fasting, can be very powerful tools. I still these days eat what ever I want and don't eat primally, without gaining any weight back and in fact losing it and improving. But for that reason, it is so easy for me to see how wonderful both would work while combined. Because I do know that even simple low carb diets for example work wonders.

    There you have it. You have the tools. The rest is just learning over time and gaining intuition. You learn to balance things out over time for maintenance.

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    get healthy, that provokes weight loss.

    never focus on how much to eat, focus on what will make you more healthy

    along that path your weight will fluctuate, however your health will improve. as your health improves the body becomes more willing to reduce its own weight.

    Most of what we call excess weight is the bodys self preservation mechanism and NOT about a desire to be big for bigness sake

    * stated assumption - this is not an issue of a deliberate over eater, or someone who still consumes SAD food at any level.
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    Start with eating only when hungry, eating very slowly and stopping when starting to feel Okay. Watch your weight over 2 weeks of this. If you are losing weight, great. If not, eliminate 2-3 meals a week. Rinse and repeat.
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    Let me rephrase myself? You start off where you're at. If you aren't losing weight, then you need to use one of the tools listed to reduce. If that doesn't work, reduce some more. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    This doesn't have to be a never ending thing either. You will have plenty of times when you'll want to splurge. That's fine, as long as you're getting what you want out of it. It's all about balance in the long run. If you eat too much one day, eat less on another. Simple as that.

    Also, depending on where you're at, you can be more or less aggressive with your plan. Personally, I'm more relaxed now and mostly work on maintenance. But one time last year I still had some I wanted to lose, but I ended up indulging too much and gaining 10 lbs. When I noticed how much I gained, I was so ashamed that I decided to diet as hard as I could for several weeks until the fat came off. It was nothing but 2 meals per day of limited meat and low calorie fruits and vegetables; if I was still hungry by the end of the day, I'd suck it up and still go the rest of the day without food. My only cheat day was Sunday in which I'd end up eating a bunch of junk food, but still wasn't going too high on the calories. It worked. The fat melted off like crazy.

    I guess that's the simplest way to look at it. If what you're doing now isn't working, find a way to reduce. Simple as that.

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