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Thread: Vitamin D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterlily View Post
    What brand did you take? Pills or liquid?
    Pills - Nutrigold 5,000IU in olive oil. I was skeptical of the brand, since they are for sale at Amazon only, but it clearly worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikky View Post
    Pills - Nutrigold 5,000IU in olive oil. I was skeptical of the brand, since they are for sale at Amazon only, but it clearly worked.
    same here. now that it's summer i don't take them everyday, but i do if not outside much. (like these last days that have been a millionity humid degrees.)
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    I used to be down in the 30's. My doc wants me above 70. I take 5000IU D3 a day plus try to get a little sun (at least in summer).
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    Our endocrinologist put us on Vit-D supplementation about 2 years ago. We started at 5000 IU/day. That was sufficient for my husband... but mine was still low. So we increased it. Then doubled it to twice a day. Still low. I sit out in the sun to read an hour or so every day (I'm in FL!!). Finally, I ended up taking 20000 IU per day, and now, at last, my Vit-D level is within the reference range for our lab (46ng/ml; RR >30). Outrageous.
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    Same issue here. No matter how much sun exposure I get, I am deficient. With diligent supplementation (with an oil based D3 which is the only one that works for me) I got up to 65. I have been a bit lazy with the supplements lately, but good about the sun, and I am back down to 18.
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    Yes, if you have a low vitamin D level just getting sun on your skin the recommended amount wont be enough probably to make up for being so low so long. The general advice is to take a decent amount of a D3 supp, and retest your vitamin D levels every 3 months to see where you are at with it. Too low is no good and nor is too high.

    My first test was around 10 ng/ml (very low!) and now my latest tests shows I made it to around 60 ng/ml. Nice I'm now taking 10 000 IU a day, with some of that from fermneted cod liver oil. This is one of the very best D3 sources as it is minimally processed. It's also important that vitamin A and D be in balance. You need to take some A with your D. (Beta carotene is not vitamin A.)

    FWIW, not a good idea to take high amounts of calcium if you have gotten your vitamin D to a healthy range did you know? Vitamin D affects how all minerals are used by the body. According to The vitamin D cure book when vitamin D levels are very low (under 20 ng/ml), a dosage of 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium daily is appropriate as the body will only be able to absorb a very small amount of this calcium (25%). While vitamin D levels are slowly being raised, a dosage of 500 - 600 mg is appropriate. (At a vitamin D level of 35 ng/ml, calcium absorption increases to 30 - 40%.) When vitamin D levels are optimal, calcium supplements may not be necessary at all but this depends to some extent on your diet.


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    I've been taking it in drop form. Each drop is 2000 IU and I take two drops a day. I highly recommend drops over pills because they are absorbed more easily and the pills used to cause stomach cramps and I feel like I wasn't using all of the vitamin d. Here's a good article about it: What is the Best Vitamin D Supplement? | Eat | Live | Exercise

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