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From what I've read (because I compulsively have to look up every danged thing), it's analogous to the difference between CAFO and grass-fed. If you want animals that have by and large been raised on the food they were meant to eat, you choose wild seafood. If you don't care what your food has been fed, you choose farmed.

From here: always make it wild caught shrimp not farm raised

I recently read an article written by Jim Carrier in Orion magazine that described shrimp farms in other countries as a “saltwater feedlot”. Also that there can be as many as 170,000 shrimp larvae in a 1-acre pond that is 1 to 2 meters deep. Because of this density, the waste they swim in, and their susceptibility to disease, most farm raised shrimp ponds in these tropical countires are treated with tons of antibiotics.