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Thread: Really Stupid Question - Abs & Bloating

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    Really Stupid Question - Abs & Bloating

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    I've been hesitant to even ask for the last few days due to my stupid question radar going off - but stranger facts have happened.

    I've been known to be quite bloated. I was quite soft then, however, so the bloating was very obvious.
    Now that my abs are quite hard, and the muscle build has drastically increased there, how would bloating affect this?

    Reason I ask is because I may have eaten some bloat-inducing foods, and when this happens, there is pain!

    So assuming the muscles there are more dense now, there would be less give. Less give would be more pressure against those muscles. Resulting in more pain. Is this possible or completely absurd??

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    Me thinks your pain might be more so from "over-working" them muscles. That and you probly built a nervous system response to hold more tension their by focusing your attention their. Though, might not be so concious of it cause it's taken place habitually on a subconcious level.

    if that makes any since...

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