My son was awarded a fitness scholarship, it includes a grant for a mentor as well; he chose his dad. The thing is we only have one gym in our town and it's one of those where they give you a card and you can go in whenever you want. We asked if they have any trainers there and the answer was no, though they said if we find a trainer they would work something out where the trainer can come in with them. At this time we don't know anyone like that.

My son is 15, he's been lifting some free weights, bench pressing, pull-ups, push-up and doing YAYOG with me and his dad. My question is what would you recommend they work on at the gym given that there is no one there to train them? My husband doesn't feel comfortable doing deadlifts, power cleans etc. w/o guidance. It's possible that they may meet someone at the gym with lifting experience, but chances are they will be on there own.

I'll pass on the suggestions to them.