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Thread: Paleobird : The Phoenix Takes Fight Again

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    Paleobird : The Phoenix Takes Flight Again

    Hi there my cyber-buddies old and new,

    Yep, this is my third journal. I left the first one behind because I felt the need to make a break with the whole mentality of being a "cancer survivor" which was in the title. Not that it isn't really cool to be alive, I just don't want that defining my identity.

    Those of you who followed my second journal know that I have had some major upheavals in my world in the past couple of years. My elderly father got ill and I was his sole caregiver. After a long illness including strokes and dementia, he passed away. I then went through selling a house and moving while I was still grieving. Recently (last week) I have had what I thought might be the love of my life crash and burn in a dramatic and rather scary way. (If you want all the gory details you will have to go back to the other journal.)

    Anyway, this isn't about dwelling on what went wrong. But we can analyze what went wrong and what really worked in the past and try to form a coherent strategy for moving forward.

    Things that have been problematic:

    Booze. Full stop. I'm not a lush but I feel like I am very sensitive to the metabolic effects of booze. It can undo a week of progress in one night of moderate consumption.

    too much restaurant food (bad oils I suspect)

    dairy is too easy to overeat

    getting talked into desserts on the, "You're being orthorexic", argument.

    getting talked into too much fruit and fruit juice (see above argument)

    Social eating when not really hungry (happened both with Dad and SO)

    Letting good exercise habits languish. (This was understandable while taking care of my Dad but now I have no excuse.)

    Sleep habits were bad for a while there (but this is improving).

    Things where I've got it nailed:

    zero grains and no cravings to go there

    zero sweet tooth

    I love ketosis, it's fun for me

    I have time to get plenty of sun, play and sleep

    I have complete control over my food choices

    I have already eliminated most poisonous substances from my life (e.g.personal care products)

    My new world is relatively stress free

    Plan of action:

    PBF exercises ON A REGULAR BASIS (not this hit or miss stuff)

    Foods down to Whole9 level of strict (no dairy, no booze, no SWYPO baking)

    Calorie counting (?) I'll see if this becomes necessary or not.

    Get to sleep at a reasonable hour

    Get outside every day for some sun. (we have plenty of it here in SoCal.)

    I think I'll stay with my mainly carnivorous diet. It seems to agree with me.

    I am going to make myself accountable by writing down food and exercise right here. (Sorry if it gets boring)

    I weighed in this morning at 165. (Whew. That took some doing just to come out with that in writing.) When I took the post Kilimangaro monokini pics I was at 145 and *in shape*. I want that back. And I will have it.

    This is for everyone who has seen some gains and then "life happened", a divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one, relocating, etc. All those stressful things that are part of being alive in the modern world. It's hard to quantify how stress effects us since it has a hand in so many aspects of our lives.

    You are under stress so you don't sleep well. You are then tired so some coffee to wake up and some wine to go to sleep start sounding perfectly reasonable. Then some questionable food choices sound reasonable. And you don't make time for the things that might relieve your stress like play, exercise, and sunlight because you are too busy thinking about your stressors. The blood sugar gets all out of whack and the cortisol levels are through the roof. Muscles atrophy and Vit D levels go down the tubes. All of which lead to even less sleep and more stress. And around we go. Downward spiral.

    I am determined to turn the spiral around and head up again. The Paleobird Phoenix rising up from the ashes and taking on the second half of my first century.

    My thanks to all who have been by my (virtual) side through all the many ups and downs. From here, things are heading UP!
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