This may be a really tough question to answer, because I realize that all women can be vastly different when it comes to food aversions and cravings during pregnancy. But maybe getting recommendations from other moms of what worked for them will give me some ideas to choose from.

I am currently pregnant with baby #3. My previous three pregnancies (last one ended in 2nd trimester miscarriage) were plagued with horrible morning sickness. The only thing that even sort of helped (and kept me out of the hospital) was Zofran.

During those pregnancies, my diet was not great. I was more knowledgeable by baby #2, but still, not stellar.

This time around, I vowed to remain Primal, for the sake of myself, and my baby. It was all going SO very well, until morning sickness struck. I was able to manage with fresh fruit for a while, but before long, the only thing that could stay down was bagels with cream cheese.

Eventually, I could stomach a chicken sandwich from Wendy's or something like that, but I still couldn't look at raw meat to actually cook anything.

Vegetables make my stomach churn, whereas before pregnancy, I absolutely loved them. I have to make my husband take care of our garden right now, because I can't even look at them grow.

It's so very frustrating, because the foods I normally love, that I SHOULD be eating, make me so very sick to look at right now.

The last couple of weeks have spiraled downhill, to the point that I ate Oreo cookies first thing this morning. I have found myself violently craving sugar, combined with actually having that crap in the house. My insulin resistance has been absolutely out of control.

I have to take control of this now, and find healthy, primal foods that I can stomach. Even if I eat the very same thing every day for the next couple of months!

Fortunately, I am finally able to stomach eggs again for breakfast. I have my own free-range chickens, so I get nice, fresh eggs. An omelet with sharp cheddar and spicy salsa helps cut through the fattiness of the eggs and I'm able to tolerate it. So as long as I can keep this up, I'm covered for breakfasts.

But lunch and dinner are the issue. I'm trying to come up with some foods that I can 1) stomach cooking and 2) make quickly and easily.

I am finding that beef, especially ground beef, doesn't seem to bother me. Chicken is pretty iffy, and seafood is out of the question (which sucks, because fish used to be my go-to lunch).

Does anyone have any easy, quick recipes that are either made with beef or chicken that doesn't have to be looked at for very long (like, tossed quick into a crock pot so I can run outside and catch my breath quickly??). Nothing with crazy, bizarre spices.

I feel like I can do meatloaf. Primal shepherd's pie. Maybe steak. *maybe*

Does anyone have any suggestions?? Does anyone have any primal survival tips for morning/all day sickness??