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Thread: iced coffee w/coconut cream--how?

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    iced coffee w/coconut cream--how?

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    This past winter was my first using coconut cream in coffee. I loved it. However, now it is insanely hot and I have no tolerance for hot drinks during summer. I always have iced coffee. Coconut cream gets chunky and gunky when cold (at least mine did). Coconut milk was too thin. Anyway I can use coconut cream cold and still have a smooth thick coffee??

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    Do u have coconut milk yogurt where u are? This could work?

    Coyo coconut milk yogurt google it , it's available in london


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    What brand of coconut cream are you using? Some glop up more than others. May have to do with the gums and such added.

    Can you get Aroy-D where you are? It comes from south east Asia so it might be for sale in Japan.

    I use it in iced coffee all the time.

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    Are you blending it well enough?
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    Do you have a wand blender? 10-15 seconds works for me.

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    If you cold-brew your iced coffee, you might find it more drinkable without anything added. I still prefer my iced coffee with cream, but I like it black also as long as it's cold-brewed.
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    Maybe blend hot coffee and coconut cream first to emulsify then serve over ice

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