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Thread: How to carb up without starches

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    Oh, and bro-science never was based on evidence. Unfortunately, there is plenty of that flying around this and many other nutrition forums.

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    Interesting, thanks. I did a bit of a "carb up" yesterday, with a load of sweet potatoes and way too many bananas, and I feel pretty sluggish and crap: headache, sinus congestion, and slightly more fuzzy-headedness. It may be n=1, but I'm almost 100% certain that low carb is best for me. Next time, if I carb up, I won't cram so much down, maybe just one sweet potato will do the trick, not 4 of them and 6 bananas...

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    I go for winter squash. Not sure if you would consider this a starch... It's borderline high in carbs, but not really. It's my only "starchy" in my life, and it gives me BOUNDS of energy. Plus, all winter squash is just downright delicious! So worth it!

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