A problem: I don't do so well with starches. Maybe a refeed of sweet potatoes at the weekend would be fine, but is it possible to carb up on non-starchy (or not very starchy) vegetables? I think I have some leaky gut issues, so I'm trying to avoid too much insoluble fiber (I consume a bag or two of leafy greens every day-- bad idea?) So is there anything beyond starchy roots you could use to bump carbs up to about 100g a day?

I've been on low carb paleo (though not strict keto) for the past 2 months or so, I feel good on it. But I'm concerned about cortisol. It's a priority right now to minimise cortisol.

As you'll no doubt know, there's a lot of conflicting information out there, it's a headache. Some say sustained low carb increases baseline cortisol (which is claimed to be involved in gluconeogenesis; others that glucagon, not cortisol, is the main player). Others are saying that high protein = high cortisol.

The main impediment to going full keto is I'm worried about losing muscle and elevating cortisol too high. I also have some annoying blotchy skin issues that seem to flare up when I go very low carb; maybe it's detox...

So, to summarise: for someone trying to minimise cortisol while going low carb (hopefully a weekend carb-up should do the trick), is there any good option besides root veggies? Fruit maybe? And are daily leafy greens a bad idea for someone with possible gut issues (mainly manifesting as annoying blotchiness on my skin)?