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Thread: Infertility cured???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post
    Agree with PB and just for the record, there are plenty of women on the low carb friends forum who have conceived while in Atkins induction (under 20 gm carbs per day.) Do what feel right for YOU.

    The key with vlc is to make sure to eat plenty of calories. Many folks underestimate their caloric needs when vlc and some folks find that their metabolism ramps UP, so they actually need more calories to maintain.

    Here are a couple of blog post I wrote about fertility that may be helpful:
    Optimum Fertility ~ Nutrition - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind
    Optimum Fertility ~ Environment - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind
    Thankyou soo much!!!!!

    After being in ketosis for a few years and suddenly upping your carbs. All I can say is WOW. I feel drugged. NO energy, dragging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Whatever you like. Just make sure your nutritional bases are covered (micronutrients) and that you are eating enough food in general. I might suggest some liver if you are not offal-phobic. Nature's multivitamin.
    This is pretty much what I was trying to say, without taking over your thread I'd like to just clarify something with PB that may also hold further insight.

    Eating is a stress on the body period. LC is a stress, high fat is a stress, high protein is a stress, no food is a stress, too much food is a stress, normal food is a stress.
    Tho normally this stress is fairly insignificant, it can become significant if the body has to deal with the same stress over prolonged periods (chronic).

    Here's the caveat; this stress can vary greatly. Eating C's or F's or P's might hold different levels of stress which could vary per person. Eg if paleobird finds eating carbs more stressful then eating fat and protein (even tho these can be stressful long term) then it is logical that a high fat and protein diet is the suitable option for her.
    If derpamix finds that going keto (high F & P) is a major stress than going high carb, eating alot of carbs might be a valid option even tho high carb is going to cause trouble long term if he over does it.

    It is my belief the default least stressful mode of eating is gentle cycling of macro's and cal's of nutrient rich food so that your diet averages out. As I alluded to in my first post tho, tweaking your diet outside of these parameters might be necessary (eg LC because of keto needs).

    OP eat however you like, with lots of experimenting, just understand that LC is not necessarily (for you at least) the least stress full way of eating, wich can be a common misconception on these boards.

    I am most definitely not, a Peat loving LC basher tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilberryhoundog View Post
    I am most definitely not, a Peat loving LC basher tho.
    Good to know. Your first post did seem to be saying that LC inevitably leads to metabolic issues which is simply not true. It's good to hear that being refined to the idea that it is an individual n=1 call.

    LC is definitely not for everybody. I think the reason someone like Derp does badly on it is because he is already rail skinny at 6'3" and 150 and habitually uses an appetite suppressant (nicotine). If he didn't pour large quantities of sugary beverages into his body, he would starve to death.

    It's all in the context.

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    VLC gave me erectile dysfunction, so, certainly not.

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    I wonder how much of this is weight related also.

    I still have 30 pounds to lose.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwigal View Post
    I wonder how much of this is weight related also.

    I still have 30 pounds to lose.

    Do you track your ovulation? Are you still ovulating regularly?
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