HI everyone,

I have been on paleo for many months and it is certainly working

The only issues I really wish I could solve now are -

Waking at night 3.30 approx, usually with raised heart rate and edgy feeling, like a mild adrenaline burst.

I also get lots of muscle twitching in the calves in particular, but it can be
anywhere like back, eyelid etc too. They usually go away as day progresses.

I take 600-800mg magnesium. A b complex and b6, 1standard multi vit, About half
RDA of calcium citrate as I am lactose intolerant, K2, D3, some Celtic sea salt, also
1banana and 1 large avocado per day for potassium but nothing seems to help.

I think it is all adrenal related.

I have read that a good cure for the waking might be this before bed -

˝ cup orange juice
˝ teaspoon cream of tarter
˝ teaspoon Himalayan or Celtic salt

apparently id does this -

Fresh squeezed orange juice gives the liver glucose it needs to regenerate.
Cream of tartar is high in potassium, an element that is essential for the sodium/potassium balance in cells, vital organs (liver), muscles, nerves, and the digestive system.
Himalayan salt, contains 84 essential minerals and elements found in the human body, helping feed the adrenals and refresh body’s the sodium/potassium pump"

Would really appreciate any advice and tips