Hello! Just about two weeks into primal and I feel good. Getting adjusted to the meals, how many calories, what I need on intense workout days, running days, etc. The motivation to start this wasn't really weight loss, but to try be leaner and to adapt a healthier way of living. I have been an athlete all my life, but would like to make this change as I enter my 40's. I am an avid runner and train 3 times a week with a trainer (speed/agility/weights). I have read Mark's book on the primal workouts as well. My question is how sensitive is primal eating? Meaning, I read some of the posts and the responses and it seems there are many factors that can effect success and finding the right recipe for you can be difficult. I haven't lost weight yet, but my clothes are looser and I don't get that after dinner bloating I used too. I also have hypothyroidism, so not sure how much that plays a role. Any info, or being pointed in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks!