Hey guys,

Up until now I have 60/30/20 carb/protein/fat diet, at ~300 calories surplus to support growth. I have had fantastic results up using this ratio. As I live at college, I'm on a very low budget for food during the week. Up until a few days ago, I saw rolled oats as a fantastic meal substitute, given it's cost, macro ratio, fiber, etc. After finding this website I see that's not a viable option.

I eat to live, and don't care to much for flavor, or having to eat copious amounts of the same food. More so, i prefer eating one type of meal several times a day
I was hoping that someone could recommend a cheap, easy to prepare, diet that I could start on. I've visited numerous health food stores asking for help regarding lectin free diets, but to no avail.

Vitamin C
Vitamin K

i'd really appreciate some insight