First of all, I have to say, I'm very excited to be starting this journal! I need something to keep me accountable.

I've been primal for about 2 years now and after much research, trial and error, more research, and way too much personal experimentation I know what works for me. What works for me is a plan and what helps me stick to a plan is accountability.

I am a female, my name is Jessica and I am 26.

I love Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior and ultimately who I'm doing this for.

I'm so much happier, more productive and pleasant to be around when I just do the right thing. And doing the right thing is important to me because it's important to my Lord.

When I think about my long term goals I realize how deeply personal they are. I want to be able to run with my wonderful and amazing boyfriend who has always supported me in every way and I know will continue to support me until I reach all my goals. He deserves an adequate running partner I want to be strong so I won't be worried about holding the group up in a group event. I want to experience the reality of change. I want to just be smaller.

What will get me there is calorie counting and restriction, of course all in the framework of a fully Primal diet. 100% is what works for me but that will always really look like 97% becuase I'm not the type to make social situations awkward for myself.

As far as exercise goes, I just need to stop making excuses and get out there and do it.

My goal is daily exercise because really, that's just not too much to expect out of myself. Even if it's just 30 minutes, I need to make this a habit.

More specifically though regarding exercise, I'm going to be doing (again) the couch to 5k program, followed by the 5k improver so I can finish the Turkey Trot this year with a much quicker time.

I will write in this journal daily, as doing the right thing daily is really the theme here.

So to break it down, daily goals are to not deviate from my eating plan, to exercise, and to log it all in this journal.

Tomorrow is day 1