Allllllright so, good evening MDA fans.

I am tired. It is way past my bedtime but I'm not forgetting my journal tonight.

Today was acceptable . Good decisions and other decisions. My lunch was leftovers from the night before, super tasty. My snack was frozen grapes and some cheese, and for dinner, well, I went to a friends house where I was lovingly provided an oven toasted sandwich on lavash bread (so thinner than a pita) and 2 cookies with milk and half a slice of pumpkin pie, with extra whipped cream
The decision was to not be a stick in the mud and refuse food. The sandwich was amazing and the cookies were baked by the children. The pie may have been a bit overboard but I'm sure both my friend and I would have admitted to that

Anyway, no working out either becuase I simply and honestly did not have time.

I'm okay with how the day went.

I also made Mark's beef stroganoff recipe tonight before I went to my friend's for dinner. I'm taking it for lunch tomorrow and probably Friday also. I tasted it as I made it... super great. I love love cooking but don't cook as much as I'd like and definitely don't branch far enough out there. Consequently this is the first time I've used a piece of meat meant to be a steak as something else. Thus I'm very excited for my thin strips of sirloin in tomorrow's lunch. I kinda feel like a high roller lol. I'm also excited for the mushrooms. I realized through my last recipe that I don't dislike mushrooms at all like I thought I did. When they are cooked enough they have a very pleasing texture.

Okay, enough for tonight, I need to get to sleep.

I hope anyone who reads has a great night