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Thread: Need for workout tweak while recovering

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    Need for workout tweak while recovering

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    I'll just cut to the chase. Recently I was diagnosed with a C7 bulging disk (Ouch!). Anyway, my primary work out is swimming with a mix of other things.However most has been scratched from the routine, so no further injury occurs. I think I was more upset that I can't swim then I was with the pain of the injury, plus I was finally able to do 4 pull ups! Pretty sweet considering where I came from.

    Anyway, I am looking for some alternative workout ideas. I started walking and still am doing the squats, but I am feeling lame.

    Suggestions would be awesome! Thanks everybody.Have a great rest of the day!

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    Depends. What sort of therapy are you undertaking for the disc buldge? Have you asked that professional about exercise?

    Without knowing the severity of injury... bulge, contained hernia, non contained hernia, or sequestered.... radiculopathy ect... its hard to say.

    Only thing I can come up with is some HIIT in a stationary bike.

    Work toward recovery first and foremost though. Good luck!

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    Following Neckhammer's lead... I am not in the professional field therefore I'm not qualified to provide advice but here is a question you could ask.

    Can I do static holds at the max moment using a machine?

    If the answer is yes then this allows you to sit in machine versus free weights. It allows you to put a load on your muscles doing a static or isometric hold. By doing it at the max moment then you are executing the exercise at the weakest angle of leverage. This means you are stressing the muscles with a low weight and the low weight may not stress the damaged area or joints.

    Just a thought.

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