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    Low fat primal...? And corn tortillas?

    I have a two part question.

    1) Through trial and error, I have found that I do much better physically and mentally on a higher carb and lower fat diet. I have tried higher fat and lower carb, but it did not work for me for several reasons. However, the higher carb does not allow me to lose the last 5-10 pounds. I have maintained a lower fat and higher carb diet for the past two months, and while I have had much success with it (cellulite is decreasing, mood is increasing, weight is going down), I still have those last few pounds that won't budge. I do not want to increase my fats, because I have been down that road and it just doesn't work for me. However, I would like to lower my carbs. What I would like to do is increase my protein, and lower my carbs a bit, so that I am eating a moderate-high protein, moderate carb, and lower fat diet. My carbs usually consist of sweet potatoes, some rice, and starchy vegetables such as butternut squash. My fat usually consists of eggs, olive oil, and butter. And my protein usually consists of chicken breast, eggs, beef/steak, and greek yogurt. Also, I drink a lot of bone broth.

    Given the above description, is it healthy to have protein as one of your main sources of energy? I guess I am just used to being told by doctors that I should only be getting 60 grams of protein per day. But, I am going to be aiming For between 100-150 grams of protein. By the way, I am 5'1, 135 lbs, and am a very active 20 year old female.

    2) Can corn tortillas have any place in a primal diet, at all? I absolutely love the taste of corn tortillas. Is there any way that I can include these in my diet and still be healthy?

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    I think it's fine. I don't intentionally do it but I don't eat a lot of fat at all, mostly protein and vegetables and I'm feeling great.

    You can fit in corn tortillas as your 20% somewhere.
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    1. I wouldn't recommend protein as a primary energy source. But being "very" active and lean, lets guess about 100lbs of lean body mass. 1g/pound (100g/day) is by no means too much.
    2. Depends on what type of corn and how it's made. Also depends on your grain tolerance.
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    I had also recently made the switch to (even) more carbohydrates and less fat, and while it might be early to tell, I think I'm onto something good. The same stuff you describe.

    I would not recommend high protein intake. Protein should be pretty much consistent depending on our bodies needs to repair and sustain muscle tissue. The other two macros are the ones to tweak.

    You could also do web search on "rabbit starvation".

    In reference to corn: The main issue there is GMO as most of the corn in the US (assuming that's where you live) is genetically modified. Maybe you could do okay with organic and minimally processed.

    ETA: I hate to say it, but those last few pounds might have to go away the old-fashioned way. Being mindful of portion sizes, not snacking and lots of exercise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theresa92 View Post
    My carbs usually consist of sweet potatoes, some rice, and starchy vegetables such as butternut squash.
    I also think starch is a good source of carb (I take my carbs in the evening)

    I'm interested , could you tell me plz how much carbs do you need to feel better ?

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    1. I think protein is great but wouldn't make it dominant. Maybe an even 3-way split of macros or equal to carbs would be better?

    2. I think nixtamalized corn tortillas are fine! I eat them often. Not primal but who cares? Once nixtamalized, it decreases the anti nutrients and makes the nutrients more available.

    Ps. Search the forum for the potato diet hack, it's said to be effective for those last few pounds and people say the weight stays off after resuming normal diet.
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    1. What they said
    2. Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff Taco Dinner Kit, 8.8-Ounce (Pack of 6 ): Grocery & Gourmet Food Ingredients: Limed Corn, Palm Oil, salt, TBHQ - preservative

    The limed corn, salt and palm oil are all fairly good for you. TBHQ is said to be safe in small doses. If you can find a tortilla or taco shell without it--even better. We have tortillas or tacos once every couple weeks. I'd love to learn to make them myself.

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    Trader Joe's claims that all of their "brand" items come from non-GMO sources. Their corn tortillas are tasty and I believe the ingredients are just corn, lime, and salt. They also say that items in their stores that are labeled as "organic" are non-GMO regardless of the brand.

    Here's their link: Trader Joe's

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    Food for Life (who make Ezekiel bread) also make sprouted corn tortillas. They're great!

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    I love corn tortillas as well. But be careful if you have any autoimmune issues. Even if I buy corn, nixtamilize and grind it myself, and make the tortillas I have a pretty bad reaction to them.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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