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Thread: Friday fun. Why did you choose your user name?

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    Jun 2013
    Sunderland England

    Friday fun. Why did you choose your user name?

    I've seen some excellent and interesting user names on this forum
    Just wondering if you would like to share the reasons why you chose yours? I'll start.

    Its a football (soccer) thing.

    My local football team Sunderland afc, play at our home ground::

    Light. SOL for short.

    Our club nickname is:: The black cats.

    Sol blackcat.

    Anyone else care to share?
    FTM. I'm not biased, I hope everybody beats the mags!

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    Raleigh, NC
    I was loafingcat way back when, but I had an argument with an ISP and lost the name, so I put it into a name generator and got loafingcactus. I've been loafingcactus online for over 15 year. Over the years I've made internet friends that later became IRL friends, so I have people that call me loafingcactus in real life now. I have registered it as an alternative name, so now loafingcactus gets junk mail too.

    I use it for all my non-professional internet activities so that my real name stays Google-pretty with more business-related stuff.
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    My mastiff(in my avatar) has a 2' long dinosaur he carrys everywhere, hes known as " dinohunter" because of it. So i thought it was a fitting name
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    I bet you could never guess where mine came from

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    . . .
    Haha - that's funny: I started the exact same thread a few months ago. Lots of people answered: How did you choose your username?
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    Montreal Quebec Canada
    I am and always have been a warm hearted bear of a man and up until I lost all this weight I was always too hot. Now I am cold a lot but I am still a warm bear. I have the tattoo to prove it too. Also I live in Montreal with a huge population of gay men with a love of bears. I get hit on a lot, If I was gay I would never be lonely.
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    I'm naiadknight pretty much across the anonymous part of the web. I've been called "mermaid" and "water dryad" by severak friends, so took their meanings and use "naiad." I've been accused of being overly vigilant for those who need defending, so I ran with "knight." It's stuck a lot longer than "mermaidwings", that's for sure.
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    I thought my real (and nick-) name didn't fit me so I had a few variations on this that I use donline. Now it's just my go-to username. My blog is called "Nameless Wonders", giving it multiple meanings, since I am often referred to as "nameless" by other users.
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    Lots of fellow "cats" around here, I'm just noticing =P

    "Cyborcat" is a name I use all over the internet because it's usually the only name I can think of that isn't taken. It's the name of a superhero-ish comic book idea I've been cooking up for awhile involving cat people (that's one of the characters in my avatar).

    Here's a link to some art if anyone is interested: Cyborcats by Razia on deviantART
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    I'm boring. Mike. Its my name. And I was rather surprise that it was still available when I registered last January.

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