Hi all,

I started crossfit this week and so far have had 3 sessions (2 private, one with 2 other people) to learn the 9 basic movements of CF before starting classes. I have one session left, which will be one on one, and then I'll begin doing WODs with classes. The coaches are very good and are very concerned about proper form, scaling everything so your form stays good, etc. They have explained and demonstrated the moves and even videotaped me on some of the lifts so I could look at my form too.

I'm fine with squatting, deadlift, can do burpees, sit ups, kettle bells (sumo? something), etc. But the other lifts (can't remember all the names... whatever the other CF Oly lifts are) make me feel SO uncoordinated! I get the concept and can watch the instructor do it, I do the progression for the movement fine, but then when I go to do the whole move together (I am talking with just a bar or very light weight or even a PVC pipe), my brain and body do not synch. It's so frustrating! The one where you have to kind of jump to get under the weight - ugh. I just don't do it all together at the right time... or I just curl up with my arms or whatever.

I'm 45, have decent general fitness, but have NEVER lifted weights besides dumbbells in Gillian Michaels workout, and wonder if it's normal -- will I get it? I am willing to be patient and do the work, but I don't understand why I feel so uncoordinated. It sure looks and sounds easy -- just hard for me to put it together w/o looking like a spaz. Today I looked up some videos on youtube - will try to practice at home.

I keep reading and hearing that anyone at any age can do CF but am wondering if some people never "get" the lifts.

Any advice would be much appreciated!