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    thanks folks.

    I have found i am being terribly anal when it comes to looking at ingredients now. I generally go for a good natural cheese, unpasteurised if i can, or french cheese as these are generally "pure" anyway.
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    Don't forget kefir!


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    Dairy is tricky to discuss because the fat, protein, and sugar fractions all seem to behave like different foods.

    The fat seems pretty benign and low in omega-6. Butter is lovely. Cheese can have interesting micronutrients like K2--the more raw/pastured/aged the better. Cream is okay if you don't drink it by the gallon.

    Protein (Greek yogurt, skyr, ymer, cottage cheese, qvark, paneer) is convenient for light meals. I don't use powders or isolates.

    Sugar (lactose) seems to be the least useful part. Tall glasses of pasteurized milk are probably best avoided.

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