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    Anybody eat Dandelions? I'm thinking of adding them to my salads and stuff. I'll harvest some before I cut the lawn this weekend. They're free and very nutritious I hear.

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    I've had lawn ones and storebought ones. I've only had them cooked, like greens: yummy stuff.
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    Had them raw in a salad, very nice actually! But go for the younger leaves from the centre of the rosette.
    Also, beware the...medicinal effects. Old name = "Pissabed".....

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    I eat the greens, but not when they are too old. I also eat the blossoms. I just fry them up a bit in butter. Add whatever you feel like----pepper, garlic powder, sage, etc. Whatever comes to hand when I reach into the spice shelf. The root is a pretty powerful diuretic.

    I try to avoid dandelions from yards where many dogs travel because they always seem to aim for them when they micturate.

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    With the flowers, you can make Diana Renata's Dandelion Fritters! I've only ever eaten the greens, myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernMonkeyGirl View Post
    Also, beware the...medicinal effects. Old name = "Pissabed".....
    That's wicked funny!

    We used to harvest them ourselves, grew up on them. They can be bitter but not bad. Can't say I go out of my way anymore to gather them though.
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    Thanks for the plug Mayness!

    Fritters are my favorite way to enjoy dandelions, except for wine of course. If you gather wild greens you'll want to get them before the flowers appear, or you'll have very bitter greens. The bitterness can be cooked out of them for the most part, however.

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