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Thread: Minimalist shoes for sports (soccer) and hiking.

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    Cool Minimalist shoes for sports (soccer) and hiking.

    I'm looking for simple, comfortable shoes that can be used to play sports like soccer near-daily and for hiking.

    I can't really stand all the cra-- features many normal shoes have. They bug me and feel like a drag.

    I tried some VFFs a few years ago, but I didn't like them much.

    I got some leather-soled moccasins. They are incredibly awesome. The feeling of the earth through them is indescribably good (oh so heavenly). I can run and move very naturally in them, and they provide just enough protection: I can feel and enjoy the rocks under my feet without any of the pain (or are my feet just not tough enough :b?).

    The soles finally started breaking after 6 months of running around on a sandy courtyard playing sports. I discovered, unsurprisingly, that leather soles really suck in the rain. They have far less grip than bare-feet do too. Hmm, the one other problem is that it's somewhat awkward kicking a soccer ball in them -- and they may come off when doing so or when sprinting (mostly alleviated by tightening them).

    They were very good and raised my standards for shoe comfort. However, due to the latter problem, they aren't quite perfect, and I'm not going to run out and get rubber-soled moccasins >.<.

    (Hmm, the only other really good pair of shoes I remember having were construction boots. I suppose they are no-bullshit shoes, so they don't have many 'features'.)

    I am scared of getting shoes with mesh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I fear a twig could easily tear a hole in the mesh when hiking.

    My priorities are: 1) comfort, 2) mobility (including kicking balls), 3) durability, 4) ability to feel the ground.

    (Oh, yeah, my feet are a little bit wide)

    I'm not trying to be that picky (maybe I should!).

    What sort of shoes would you advise me?

    (Thank you in advance BD)
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