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Thread: Bread and children question

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    My girls (5 and 3) know enough now to ask if something is "gluten free" and know that if it isn't that means it's not healthy. However, that won't stop them from eating it if they want it, it will just be a treat at that point in their minds. They have no idea what gluten free means though. I've been asked "how gluten free is this?" and they've tried to get me to let them eat some doughnuts they saw by telling me they were sure that they were "super, super, gluten free".

    It is nice when they lecture my parents on how unhealthy something they are eating is because it's not gluten free

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    You could also mention that it will make their bodies not as strong for fighting bad germs, or that it will make their joints hurt if they eat it for a long time. Those are other good reasons not to eat bread!

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    Thanks so much everyone!!! And yes it was the little seed that my mum was concerned about and now myself when she mentioned it to me.

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    When my 4yo and I talk about junk food and healthy food, we focus on how healthy food will make him strong and help him feel good, while junk food will make his tummy hurt, and will keep him from being like superman because his muscles won't grow. That seems to hit home really well.

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