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Thread: Grok Squat for women

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    I squat ass to the ground. the only thing that makes me lose balance is if I put too much weight on or somehow I loaded the barbell on my back off centred

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    I also recommend squatting as often as possible. Any time you have to get something from the foor, squat to get it instead of bending over. Don't limit bodyweight squatting to exercise time. That helped me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diene View Post
    It's an ankle mobility issue.
    My ankles are willing, it's the knees that are weak. Old injuries there. Working on it.

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    I have to extend my arms forward to keep myself balanced and even hold a small weight in my hands to help me not to fall over. I have stiff ankles but working on it. female too.

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    Echoing what others have said: sounds like ankle mobility issues. I had this problem when I first started Crossfit, and would always have trouble on stuff like overhead squats and snatch, where balance is key. I've come a long way since then by being really diligent about stretching my ankles before and after workouts.

    Stretch 1: Kneel on one leg. Shift your hips and your center of gravity so that most of the weight is going into the front leg. Extend the front shin forward so the knee is headed in the direction of the toes. You want to hold your front, planted foot by the heel, basically cupping it with your hands and pushing the heel into the ground, while you push the knee forward. Imagine bringing your shin to lay on top of your foot. That's what you want to think about.
    Stretch 2: Sit with your legs tucked parallel beneath you, both knees pointing straight forward, the tops of your feet pressing into the floor. Place your hands on the ground behind you and, keeping the tops of the feet glued to the floor, gently start to lift your thighs up, bringing your knees off the floor. You may only be able to go a couple inches; this one can be pretty intense for a lot of people.
    Stretch 3: Sit with your legs tucked beneath you, but also tuck your toes beneath you. Try to sit up as straight as you can. You might find this difficult in the foot; keep your hands on the ground in front of you and just ease back to rest on your heels slowly.

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