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Thread: Hello from Grass Valley, CA

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    Hello from Grass Valley, CA

    Hello everyone;

    My name is Jim and my wife and I have been following the paleo plan since January (so about 6+ months). I am 52yo and she is well ....a little older I have to say we both feel much better since starting the diet and have both lost a significant amount of weight (me 30lbs, her 40+lbs) I am 5'9" and weigh 160 which I haven't seen since I was 25 I look forward to reading and learning from the experiences of all of you.

    I do have one question at this time. Where should questions regarding test results, medical type questions, meds etc... be posted? I was on a statin for a few years and quit taking it when I started reading and learning about cholesterol and statin drugs from this site and others. Now I just had a VAP cholesterol test and my numbers are WAY elevated and my doctor is freaking out. I have read up on how to interpret the test but my numbers are so out of wack I am thinking I might have to go back on the drugs.

    Thanks, Jim
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