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Thread: Need more structure in my workout page

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    Need more structure in my workout

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    I get my weekly sprint and a lot of walking in during the week, have finally gotten the "food" part of PB down in a nice routine, and recently I've started doing bodyweight exercises as the final addition (squats, pushups and planks in my room). I've kept somewhat of a log but I'm starting to lose motivation because I don't know what I'm doing or working towards. I can only do 2-3 modified pushups, and can do 3 x 10-15 plank, and 3 x 10 squats. Can anyone offer a structured progressive schedule to follow for these exercises? How many times a week to do these? Should I start with wall pushups? Should I try something different like "you are your own gym" which I hear offers guidance on progressing through the exercises?

    Thanks all

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    Mark (Sisson) published a free e-book a few years ago that sounds like it would be very well suited to what you're looking for. It's under the freebies tab on the main page:
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    YAYOG (You Are Your Own Gym) app is very useful too!

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    for simple newb bodyweight stuff, a good place to start is mark's pb fitness as was recommended by yodiewan. get proficient with that stuff, then a whole other world of bodyweight stuff will open up for you

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    Mark even provides a sample weekly schedule in his free e-book, as well as a fitness test to find out where you go in each series of exercises (each exercise has eight different levels). It provides mile markers for you to reach to level up as it were. Plus I find competing with myself to be pretty motivating. Write down you times or reps each session and try to match or beat them the next time. But definitely check out PB Fitness!

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    You can find some good routines here that are mostly bodyweight and require little to no equipment.

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    get proficient with that stuff, then a whole other world of bodyweight stuff will open up for you

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