I've been making small changes to my diet and lifestyle over the last 2 years and up until about a year ago my weight stayed about stable at 12 stone, I was getting regular exercise and managed to stick at it a few months before I would get man flu and it would spell the beginning of the end everytime however when I moved into my own house with my OH my diet took a turn for the worst with more take aways and plenty of stress, mostly all a result of me and my poor choices.

I am now 13st 3 and though I'm not one to stand in the mirror and judge myself I do catch my reflection now and again and it is a noticable gut and boobs...I am getting boobs and not the good kind, these are hairy!

With my increased weight I have also noticed a decrease in my own ability to hold off cravings, I went 52 days without a drink a few years ago because I didn't fancy it, that and a friend also went drink free, it wasn't until I had a breakdown on my scooter and the stress got to me that I caved and accepted what I was offered, now if there is something in the fridge I want I will eventually eat it and I usually do, I don't think my OH will be as supportive as I would like as she keeps saying the diet starts Monday, Tuesday etc.

I will have to strive at this alone and hope that to see my results will bring her into the fold!

I'm not yet primal but I am evolving.