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Thread: Swollen feet/water retention

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    I always had it too and found that any time I stopped eating flour it went away. I could eat salt licks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get any fluid retention, but give me a muffin and I can't get my shoes on.

    You might try skin brushing. It really gets the lymphatic fluids moving and really seemed to help a lot with water retention for me.
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    I pretty much avoid anything with flour in it these days already.

    But I'd never heard of skin brushing--had to look that up. I can see how that could improve circulation. Will have to try that. Thanks.

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    I posted about the same thing a few months ago. When I eat clean, no processed foods or grains or seed oils my edema goes down. I can actually see my ankle bones again and I can't stop looking at my awesomely slim feet!

    I had a piece of pizza with quite a thick crust and I could make dents in my shins. I think grains make me swell but yeast just makes it far, far worse.

    I think eating clean once you are able to will make a huge difference.

    I use a sauna suit too. Fabulous thing. One of the only things I brought with me when I moved to Australia from New Zealand with two suitcases only. .. :-)

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    Interesting to know, thanks for the comment. Clean unprocessed food is my goal, it just isn't possible right now.

    But it's good to hear that it does--or at least can--help with this, from someone who has been there.
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    I have the same problem:

    ankle and lower leg swelling, backpain, when I sleep on my back.. and a many many other issues of which most of them have resolved through strict paleo. the water retention seems to be due to hormonal issues (imbalace/too much estrogen)/dietary factors(food intolerance)/stress(adrenal fatigue). I try to be mostly autoimmune and low histamine paleo, I eat a lot of bone broth. I avoid milk, flour, nightshades, coffee, black tea and alkohol like the devil. recently I found out that lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning helps me. Also if I eat too little for a long time, the swelling gets much worse. what definitely helps are epsom salt baths (mark recently did an article on them) in combination with skin brushing. so you need to look closely at all the factors that contribute to your problem. most of the times I feel very well and the swelling is minor, just sometimes I seem to have worse days.

    All my health problems all of a sudden became very bad, when some things happened in my family, that were very stressfull for me. I am still under major stress at the moment but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I tell that because I believe that "stress" ist also a big contributor to unsolvable medical issues.

    -try to eat enough (important)
    -get adequate minerals, trace elements and vitamins (I add seawed to my diet, eat plenty of leafy greens, and diffenet veggies, and watch out if your body doesn't seem to like one)
    -move slowly
    -reduce stress (important), start meditation or yoga, or anything that helps you to relax and look at your life from a distance
    -get diagnosed by a doctor if you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyborcat View Post

    Benadryl might be worth trying, again, just to see what happens.
    that will only alleviate symptoms temporarily, while not addressing the root cause.

    Well, I pretty much avoid the crap oils and grains--just because I haven't 100% given up processed foods doesn't mean I'm living on SAD junk all the time and that I don't read labels. Right now, I cannot make from scratch every little scrap of food I eat because I work a full-time job and I live in someone else's house where I usually don't get access to their stove in the evening--I will be moving in August and that will change, but for right now, I need to rely on SOME stuff that's convenient, otherwise I'd have to switch to being a raw vegan and I think that'd be worse for me (not that I'd want to anyway).
    a tin of salmon and some smashed avocado wrapped in nori requires zero cooking, is ready in under 5 minutes without a stove and is 100% primal.

    i work full-time too and have a life, so if i had to cook every meal from scratch i'd not be eating the way i should either. can you batch cook a box of hard-boiled eggs? make a big crustless quiche? make a stew/casserole that you can microwave each night? braise some beef ribs in a slow-cooker and eat that over a few days?

    people get defensive about convenience foods because they are utterly avoidable.

    lastly, drinking LOTS of water helps flush water-retention.

    good luck.
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    I suffer from edema in my left ankle, my advice: cut salt, keep active (work up a good sweet now and again) when sitting keep legs elevated. Even with a sitting job this can be done, get creative!! And when its real bad drawl a nice hot bath and just soak with your feet elevated above your body. You can actually watch the swelling go down

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