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    Rare breeds

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    Can you tell a difference in ur grass fed beef from a longhorn shorthorn dexter Angus limousine belted Galloway hereford.
    I have been trying all the above & to be honest I can only see the difference with the cuts I get on size for example dexter steaks are small.

    What's everyone else think?


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    Absolutely not. I was raised on a cattle ranch and though there are trends, any given animal has so much genetic variability that you can't tell- this is the difficulty of making cattle a mass product vs. something like a chicken or a pig.
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    I would doubt it. Cow is cow. What changes the flavor is what the cow ate, its age, how well it was marbled, ect. Different breeds put on weight/grow faster, build muscle differently, and may be more efficient with certain feeds but its still cow.

    Growing up we raised shorthorns. We didn't keep much for our own consumption since the freezer was filled with deer and elk every hunting season so occasionally (when someone HAD to have cow) we'd buy a steak from the store. I remember the store bought (no doubt CAFO raised) meat being fattier and juicier but having less beefy flavor, while our steaks were much leaner and beefier (some would even call it gamier). Both tasted like cow though, it wasn't like one tasted completely different.
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    The percentage of fat marbling in different breeds has a genetic component though. For example, the Wagyu cattle that kobe beef comes from are bred to be extremely well marbled.

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    The supposed superiority of Angus beef is a success of modern marketing methods, not of any particular characteristic of Angus cattle. Just as with any other breed, the beef can come in all grades. But we pay a big premium to buy it and have no idea what grade it is.

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