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Thread: What to do or say re: undernourished vegan baby?

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    What to do or say re: undernourished vegan baby?

    My friend's granddaughter just turned 1. She only weighs 15lbs and is fed a vegan diet. S (my friend) is concerned bc of baby's weight and how sickly and skinny she is. Says she has a giant head and stick legs and arms and reminds her of those starving African babies.
    The mother (DIL of S) only feeds baby veggies and freaks if anything else is given to eat. S gave her a bite of toast and the mother went crazy bc she didn't want the baby to get fat from eating bread.
    She wouldn't let the baby even touch the birthday cake bc sugar would make the baby fat.
    I *think* the baby is breastfed.
    Baby has never seen a doctor or nurse so the weight issue has never come up.
    S has tried to say that meat, eggs, fat etc are crucial for a developing baby but she just gets dismissed as the overbearing MIL.
    How do you get someone to feed their baby properly? I would hate for the baby to get really ill or even die from being undernourished. Is there anything you can do or say??

    S always coos over my 8mos old (who is 23lbs) and wishes her granddaughter could be chubby and healthy too.

    Edited to add: The granddaughter lives about 500 miles away from S so she can't be there in person too often.
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